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08.02.23 AGC MSP

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

I have been photographing Accelerated Global Connections events since it was founded. AGC is a networking group that has several meetings each month in person all over the Twin Cities and even more online. Travis Sims the founder and CEO of AGC have published several books about networking in the past few years. If you are looking to level up, check out future Events. Mitchell Snyder was our guest speaker for the AGC talk at the Minneapolis event in August - Mitch talked about what A.I. can do and means for today's business: both horror stories and pros & cons. As a photographer what I took away from his presentation was how I may be able to use A.I. to edit photos, and create marketing photos with A.I., etc. You can always watch the replays on the AGC website. Minneapolis AGC is hosted the first Wednesday of every month at SPACES MINNESPOLIS. If you are interested in speaking or sponsoring at AGC the links are below. Speak at an AGC Event! Sponsorship at an AGC Event!

Photographer: Yours Truly View More Photos From This Event Videographer: Jason B from

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