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Creative and Memorable Wedding Proposals: Part 2

Woo-Hoo! You’ve found the one you want to marry! Now it's time to ask the big question. With that ring burning a hole in your pocket, it's hard to think of a proposal idea that is romantic, memorable and unique. This is really common, and I am here to help! In this blog series, we'll discuss the dos and don'ts of wedding proposals.


Proposal Idea: Setting the Mood Nothing says you truly care more than showing just how much you pay attention to the details. Finding the perfect song to play while you pop the question. You know that one song that has played a large role in your relationship? If that’s the case for you, you probably want to stick with that one. Maybe you are going to propose at a concert? I recently had a bride and groom of mine that had gotten engaged at the Pitbull concert during the song "Fireball." I am sure you can imagine what song was played at their reception! And of course, what song I used for their sneak peek

What song comes to mind for you? Leave it in the comments!


A Famous and Iconic Construction Finding the perfect location for this moment can be tricky. Waterfalls, Mountain tops, Niagara Falls, maybe even the Eiffel Tower? In a way, I would say The Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis is equivalent to what the Eiffel Tower is in Paris. It’s a landmark of which tourists like to take pictures. It's not just tourists: greater Minnesotans are venturing into the city as well. It's a hot spot for bridal party photos, engagement session and family photos. I think we should all be tourists in our own cities sometimes. It's also a great spot for surprise proposals. The bridge is a place of predilection to capture the proposal with a camera. It’s not uncommon for local pedestrians to spontaneously make some room when they see a man on his bended knee and holding a ring. Bystanders on the bridge do a great job of stepping aside and tend get out of the photographer's way when they see someone performing a proposal! Of course, it being an iconic location means that it is immediately recognizable by your family members and friends when they see your photos. Each side of the bridge has a different point of view of the city. The south side of the bridge is where Mill City Ruins is located and offers a direct point of view of the gorgeous skyline, which is often used in the background of pictures. You can also capture photos with the full bridge in the background. On the north side, you will find yourself by the Pillsbury building, which is perfect for that Skyline photo everyone loves.

South St Parking: 100 W River Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Northside Parking: SE 6th Ave & SE Main St, Minneapolis, MN 55455


Proposal Story: Brandon and Jamie have been together for 7 years. They met on Hinge - there is still hope for all of us "online daters." After 5years together, Brandon decided it was time to Pop the Question. Here is how it went. On December 2nd of 2022, Brandon came up with the perfect plan. Brandon and Jamie set off to have dinner with his sister and her boyfriend. It just so happened that his sister and boyfriend would arrive late to dinner, leaving the perfect amount of time to stroll down to The Stone Arch Bridge to look at the Beautiful Night Skyline in the flurry's of snow! Little did Jamie know, he had more in mind than just a stroll: a photographer was waiting there to capture the moment and a musician playing their song -Morgan Wallen- "Cover Me Up". Even though Jamie was recovering from being sick, and was in a dress, the made it to the bridge and she did say "Yes!"

Guitar Player: Jake Rowan (952)454-6528 Photographer: Ari Reynolds

(612) 636-9219


If you are going to shoot at The Stone Arch Bridge, you will want to obtain a Photography Permit 10 days prior to the shoot. All of this information can also be found HERE. Email a PDF version to

  • Mail or bring in a copy to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (2117 West River Road North Minneapolis, MN 55411)

  • Fax in a copy to 612-314-8675

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