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Meet Ari Reynolds

Who's Ari Reynolds?

Entrepreneur, CEO, Founder of Your Lighthouse, Photographer, Mom

The last decade has been indescribable. The weddings I have had the pleasure of being a part of, have created a purpose in my life. I cannot thank enough, the newlyweds that have trusted me with the once in a lifetime opportunity of capturing the tears of joy and their most meaningful hugs.

My dad would tell me, "Go make a new friend today, " and that is exactly what I do with every client. Celebrate with you like you are my best friend! On your wedding day you can trust that I am going to know your wants and wishes, making it so I can help you navigate through the process. Once we have the vision, I make that dream wedding become a reality. Before venturing out as Ari Reynolds Photography, my job managing sales and operations for 700 Weddings and Events each year. With each wedding, my knowledge and passion continue to grow. Shortly after starting Ari Reynolds Photography, I started another endeavor. I have 14+ years of knowledge in the wedding and business world, which launched the beginning of business coaching other entrepreneurs. Most recently, I founded Your Lighthouse after battling mental illness for my whole life and watching my oldest child struggle. I created Your Lighthouse to build a community for those who feel alone and lost in their journey; a safe environment to strengthen and better yourself alongside others. To learn more about Your Lighthouse and how you can help, visit our website and Facebook Page below!

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