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Questions for Your Photographer

Envision your perfect wedding day, do you have two photographers, did you do an engagement session, did you have drone footage of that beautiful venue?

Once you find a photographer who's style you like and think of a budget you'd like to stay in, set up a meeting with them before signing any contracts or paying. You will be with them all day, so it is super important to select someone who you connect with.

Let them know your budget and wedding date if you have already chosen one but overall, you don't know what you don't know, let your photographer ask you the questions to start. They will ask you all the questions they need to know to get you the quote that best suites your needs. If that quote reaches outside your budget that is ok, this is just a starting point. Next together you eliminate the things that are not necessary for your vision to bring that quote back into your price range. You're excited and have so much on your mind, but I would write down your initial questions and save them until the very end of the conversation. Most of your questions will be answered by the photographer during your meeting. If you are talking to an experienced photographer, you will have no questions left on your list, walking away feeling relieved and knowing you're in good hands. I end every phone call with do you have any questions for me? And the response is always "Nope, I think you covered everything!" or "I can't think of anything right now but I will reach out if I have questions." Tell your vendor exactly how you are feeling, we are here to help. If are we out of your budget or not the right fit, let us help refer you to someone we trust and know will provide you with exactly what you want! It won't hurt our feelings and we want you the have the wedding day of your dreams too!

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